Leadership Opportunites


  • bet356亚洲版体育 Student Association

    bet356亚洲版体育 Student Association (VASA) is a group of student government leaders who meet to discuss overall matters of importance to the school-wide community. The group focuses on providing leadership for fundraising, 活动, and discussions related to campus-wide issues. 

    VASA meets weekly to provide updates on both long term and short term goals, usually the meetings last between thirty and forty-five minutes. VASA works in conjunction with the Dean of 学生生活 in order to promote campus 活动 and achieve school-wide goals.
  • Orange Key Society

    The Orange Key Society is made up of a select group of students who represent bet356亚洲版体育 in welcoming campus visitors. This can be seen through tours to prospective families, hosting our alumni and welcoming honored guests. Outstanding citizenship, academic achievements, ability to consistently communicate professionally and a willingness to lead and serve in extracurricular areas are the basis for selection. 

    Each spring students can apply for entrance, one prerequisite for inductees into the Orange Key Society is proven service to the school as a tour guide for 招生.
  • 学生领袖

    Proctors (学生领袖) most important responsibility is to be a positive role model in all aspects of school life. 在宿舍里, they act as a liaison between students and dorm parents and assist younger/new students with the transition to boarding school life. Proctors serve the community during Orientation, 宿舍会议, 冬季狂欢节, and other dorm-related events. They are expected to uphold the bet356亚洲版体育 Honor Code and 核心信念.
  • Standards Committee

    The Standards Committee is responsible for assessing violations to major school rules, and for recommending responses and/or consequences. The committee is made up of a group of faculty as well as student representatives, who show a deep understanding of the bet356亚洲版体育 Honor Code and major school expectations. 

    Students must apply in the Spring in order to be selected to serve on the committee for the following year. All Standards Committee members are expected to maintain a high level of confidentiality.
“I love that VA has so many options. VA allows me to be a musician, an artist, an athlete, and a scholar. It is amazing the opportunities that are presented.——Alex, 20岁

Outside the Classroom

At bet356亚洲版体育 there are so many opportunities for students to express their interests, find their passions, and expand their skills by becoming leaders on campus. Students may also start new clubs---we're a community with varied interests and talents. It's one of the things that make bet356亚洲版体育 a fun place to be.


Through community service, bet356亚洲版体育 students learn lessons beyond the classroom, they find meaningful ways to connect to the larger community, and develop skills and attitudes of responsible citizens. Service is an integral part of the bet356亚洲版体育 experience that we embrace with traditions like Earth Day, the Kurn Hattin Holiday Celebration, 和更多的. 

Students are required to complete a certain number of hours of service per year, although many students exceed the required number of hours. We promote many on and off-campus opportunities and encourage students and faculty to participate.


Each student has the opportunity to start and/or lead an extracurricular club. Many clubs have become staples at bet356亚洲版体育 with others being added in recent years. Some clubs utilize the 俱乐部 and Activities period in our weekly schedule and others meet during an independently scheduled time throughout the year. 

Student-led clubs include ….
• 面包俱乐部 • 机器人俱乐部 • National Honor Society
• 派俱乐部 • 写作 Center Tutors • International Resource Center
• 数学老师 • 奶酪俱乐部 • 可持续性 Club
• 年鉴 • 桌游俱乐部 • 招生 Tour Guides
• 艺术俱乐部 • 语言教师 • PawPrint (literary magazine)

Education for Life - One Student at a Time

bet356亚洲版体育 is a coed college preparatory boarding and day school in southern Vermont, serving grades 9-12 plus a postgraduate year.